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Looking for clear direction?

You're in the right place.

Not looking to be sold stuff?

You won't find that here.

Hesitant about a long-term relationship?

That's okay.

The One-Time Consultation

The cost for this service is $579. 

Who should consider this service?

This is designed for DIY investors and/or those looking for objective, unbiased financial advice from a CFP®.

We recognize that some people are just looking for reassurance and direction and don't want to commit to working with a financial planner long term.  That's okay.  

We believe that complexity is not required to build a strategy that works.  We'll be using a 'back-of-the-napkin' approach.  We'll do our best to make sure you're a good candidate for this service during the intake process. 

If this is what you're looking for, you're in the right place.  

Here's the process:


Related imageGather the facts

We built our own financial questionnaire from scratch which is intended to give us a big-picture view of your finances.  It can be completed in less than 5 minutes.  Click below to get started.  

Click here to begin Intake Questionnaire

10-minute phone call

I'll use this time to confirm you're a good fit for this service.  

You'll schedule this phone call in the final step of the in-take form.

In-person meeting

During this time, I'll answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with the direction you're seeking.

Satisfaction Survey

  We want to know how we did.  We'll send you a survey at the end which will provide you with another opportunity to ask questions that weren't answered during our engagement.